Dante 6

The divine comedy (la divina comme dias) describes Dante’s journey in search of divine love, the pure, the real, stripped of all frills. During his trip to perfection Dante meets the imperfections of human beings. This tension is reflected in the designs of Dante°6, the tension between luxury and affordability, high fashion and comfortability,
Dante°6 wants to make life beautiful again, and goes back looking for the pure, that what really matters. 

Dante°6 takes you on a trip searching for that delicious and wearable luxury, averse to trends but always progressive. By wearing Dante°6 you are confident and you jet force, sometimes tough, sometimes subtle but always feminine. Convinced of your own character and your role in the whole, aware of your qualities, without losing yourself. This self-confidence is supported by design, use of colors and luxury materials. Dante°6 is like life, a large challenge that is waiting to be discovered!